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Jimmy Hollywood

All your Entertainment news, gossip and rumors with "The Real Jimmy Hollywood" every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:50 A.M.

Charlie Tuna

Peace signs, bell bottoms, tie die…and some great music!  Don’t miss “The 70’s” with Charlie Tuna, a presentation of Kupila Sound Centre in Devlin, Saturday nights from 7 till midnight and Sunday’s from 1 to 6 on 931 the border. The classic hits you want the new hits you need.

Johnathan Price

Hi, I'm Johnathan. Thanks for listening to The Afternoon Show every weekday. We talk about local events and local people. I also try to bring you stories from around Canada and Minnesota. Hopefully our time together makes you laugh, think and feel good. There is no radio without someone to listen. I can't do my show with out you.....Well I could, but then I'd just be in a sound proof room talking to myself.

Andy C

Originally from the East Coast, Andy C is a graduate of the Radio and Television Arts Program at Nova Scotia Community College (Class of 2013...BABY!!!). I love to meet new people, including our listeners. The Borderland has quickly become a home away from home. Each morning, I get to do what I love and wake the Borderland up. I also chat with Bill Laidlaw, every morning at 7:20 with a detailed look at the weather. Plus, you can win with McDonald's Who Said That at 6:50. I am not only passionate about radio, but music too. Check out my 1001 album challenge blog (http://bloggerandrew.wordpress.com) for the latest post. I also post an album review each day on our facebook page.